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Fher hydraulics Experts on hydraulics for trucks. More than 50 years manufacturing hydraulic components for trucks

Our hight quality and competitive prices allow us to export 75% of our production to numerous countries worldwide.

Our business policy aim for the building of long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust and collaboration.



Our main products:

•BB Pumps (Bent axis axial piston pumps), BRT and BRE Pumps (Uni-rotational (BRT) or bi-rotational (BRE) gear pumps). BP Pumps (Vane pumps for trucks), VQ and DT (Single, double and triple vane pumps), Pumps, BHE Pumps (radial pumps).
•Hydraulic Motors (Bi-rotational vane and axial piston motors).
•Hydraulic and pneumatic valves.
•Power take-offsa.
•Mini Power Packs.
•Accessories: Oil tanks, filters, others…



Our product range specifically has been developed for applications on truck. Manufacturers, installers and repairers of tipping trucks, waste compactors or cranes are our main clients, although some of our components also are used in the agricultural and industrial field.

Our Know-how allows to develop to done components or specific systems us in accordance with our clients.…


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Hidráulica FHER
Polígono El Borao, Parcela 2, Naves 4 y 5
Zaragoza- Spain

Tel.:(34) 976 790 730
Fax:(34) 976 100 150


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